Gunnery Sergeant Hollis Coveney


Full Name: Hollis Coveney
Age: 25
Homeworld: Aerilon
Occupation: Gunnery Sargeant with the Colonial Marine Corp
Allies: The Colonial Marine Corp, the Fleet
Enemies: The Cylons

Hollis Coveney was born in Gaoth, the capital city of Aerilon. Her mother, Tara, was a professor at the University of Aerilon, while her father, Larson, owned and operated a shipping company which primarily shipped agricultural products to other worlds. She had an older brother, Dawson, who had just published his first book two weeks before the Cylon attack.

Hollis wanted to follow in the footsteps of her grandmother, who served in the marines during the First Cylon War. She was a war hero who saved a group of children from being cut down by Cylon forces, and Hollis always looked up to her. She had the most fantastic stories and what seemed like an incredibly exciting life. Soon after Hollis joined the marines, she found out that it wasn’t all glamour and adventure – it was a lot of hard work. Good thing Hollis was up for work. She put in the time and energy and showed a lot of promise. When she finished her training, she was stationed on Leonis due to recent civilian unrest. There was trouble brewing, and the military wanted a presence to discourage it. At the time, the terrorist organization was small and unorganized and the attacks were few and far between. As time wore on, despite the heavy military opposition, the group grew and their attacks became more and more risky and violent. They culminated in the attack that wiped out all power to Mylasa, causing Nausica to be grounded to provide power to the city.

When the Cylons attacked, Hollis and the rest of her unit rounded up as many survivors as they could manage and made their way to the battlestar. Since then, she has been taking her orders from Sergeant Major Maris Forgrave.

Gunnery Sergeant Hollis Coveney

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