Battlestar Nausica

The War is Over. We Lost


Following a massive and devastating terrorist attack on the city of Mylasa on Leonis in which every power supply was destroyed, Battlestar Nausica was sent to provide power to the city while they rebuilt. The leader of the terrorist group was arrested, but many of his conspirators were still free. The crew of the Nausica were about to go on shore leave anyway, so most of them were on their own planets with their families. Only a skeleton crew remained, just enough to keep the ship functioning. More military forces remained in the area to keep order and prevent further terrorist activity – small Colonial ships remained inside the atmosphere and groups of Marines and ground soldiers alike patrolled the streets.

When the Cylons attacked, the city was all but destroyed. The Battlestar was outside the blast radius of the nuclear bomb that nearly leveled the city and civilians and military personnel alike fled to the ship, hoping to find salvation. Fortunately, Captain Lydia Delgado took charge of the ship. Her job was to oversee the skeleton crew while the ship was grounded, so she knew just what to do once they had gathered the survivors. She had the crew spin up the FTL drive and make a jump from the planet. Fortunately for them, the Nausica being grounded meant that its networks had been disabled to save energy – only necessary systems were kept online, keeping the ship safe from Cylon interference.

Once the ship was safely away from the Colonies, Captain Delgado was approached by Lieutenant Colonel Keane Rance, Senior Officer of the Watch of Gunstar Naxos. He had been visiting his family when the Cylons attacked, and managed to get them safely aboard Nausica. He demanded Delgado hand over command of the Battlestar, as he is the highest ranking military officer on the ship. Delgado wasn’t entirely cooperative, wondering where he had been while she was busy saving everyone on the ship. Many of the survivors, particular civilians, were in support of keeping Captain Delgado as commander of the ship. The point was hotly debated until finally Delgado, tired of the conflict and ready to recognize the importance of chain of command in such situations, relented. She now serves as the ExO.

The survivors are a diverse mix of people. 8,143 managed to escape to the ship before it jumped. Only a sixth are military personnel, and less than half are navy. The rest are Marines or Army, meaning that there were not enough people to keep the ship operational. Civilians with useful skills were recruited to work anywhere from the flight deck to med bay to CIC.

In addition, since Nausica was grounded indefinitely, command decided to use the opportunity to repair and upgrade their Vipers, Raptors, and other equipment. The ship was left with only one squadron of Vipers and a handful of Raptors.

They soon encounter a lone Raptor searching for Colonial vessels. The Raptor leads them back to a small collection of ships – merely four civilian ships and a group of thirteen Vipers. The squad had watched their Battlestar get destroyed and decided it was time to cut their losses and try to contact Colonial Command. They were unsuccessful, so instead they started searching for survivors. Five ships is all they found.

This is where the story begins.

Captain Kael Arondight and Lieutenant Darren O’Hoole were just getting off flying CAP, heading for the showers, when they witnessed a fight taking place in a corridor of the ship. At the same time, Corporal Eris Henson was also getting off duty and heading to her quarters on the other end of the ship, and Petty Officer Ronnie Riess was working on some wiring. They all overheard two men talking – one a member of the colonial fleet, another a civilian. It got heated and a fight broke out. Eris and Kael jumped into the fray, immediately ending the fight at which point the colonial officer ran off. When questioned, the civilian indicated that they were fighting over the Cylon attack – something to do with a Cylon artifact that was discovered during the attack.

At this point Gunnery Sergeant Hollis Coveney showed up, wondering what was going on. She suggested the information be brought to the Lieutenant Colonel’s attention, and so the group (minus Darren, who decided to continue to the showers) left to find their commanding officer.

Upon arriving at the Lt. Col.’s quarters (he was off-duty at the time), the group presented their new information to him and Captain Delgado. They knew of the object and, by some miracle, it was already on one of the surviving ships. They had sent for it and its owner, as well as a religious expert as it was thought to be somehow religious in nature. He decided that the group before him was as good as any to meet them and see if they could figure anything out.

They made their way to the starboard landing bay, where two Raptors were just coming in. From one came a woman holding a package wrapped in scarves, and from the other stumbled Sera Myllus. Darren also rejoined the group at this point. They moved to a more private location to study the statue. The statue itself was a metal figure of a man holding up an orb, and was inscribed with Old Gemenese. Sera and Ronnie took a look and determined that the statue was made of the same metal as Cylons, emitted and electromagnetic pulse from somewhere inside it, and was of Hades.

Just then, an alert sounded throughout the ship and the Lt. Col. set Condition 1 – Cylon raiders were attacking. Kael and Darren ran to their Vipers while Sera snuck off to find safety in the barracks. The rest of the group went to a small hideout Ronnie knew about to try to stay safe.

Kael and Darren discovered that four Cylon raiders and one heavy raider were attacking the ship, so Kael attempted to shoot the heavy raider down. He was unsuccessful, and the raider managed to slip by and attach itself to the hull. Five Cylon Centurions managed to board Nausica.

The Centurions were making their way through the ship and four of them passed near the hideout. The other one found itself in the barracks with Sera. Eris and Hollis emerged to try to hold the Centurions off (lucky for them they had a couple of explosive rounds).

Two raiders and one Centurion were killed before a bullet knocked loose the grate that kept the hideout hidden. The woman with the statue (Lenora Boehns) crawled out, leaving the statue behind. at this point she began to speak in gibberish: "shine a light on the metal to see it burn,” “waste time at the Jumping Place if you want to find the crosshairs,” “you have a ghost wrapped around your heart,” “the tempest returns,” and finally “this has all happened before, and it will all happen again.”

She then walked toward the Centurions. One of them shot her in the chest and she fell to the ground, exclaiming “time for me to go home now…” The Centurion then shot her in the head.

The battle then continued, and eventually all but one of the Centurions was dead (the last one disabled), and all of the raiders had been destroyed. The two pilots landed and were scolded by Captain Delgado for all of the bickering and competition during the battle. They were told to go guard the area where the heavy raider attached itself. On their way their, they found themselves at the scene of the shipboard battle, but had to continue due to their orders.

Upon their arrival the heavy raider began to disengage from the ship, even as a patch was being welded to the hull. Kael ordered everyone out of the room just before the patch failed and everything in the room was sucked out. They were just in time. Then, the heavy raider and the disabled Centurion simultaneously destroyed themselves.

After a search of Lenora’s body, she was revealed to be wearing a talisman that read “forerunner” in Old Gemenese.

The entire group was brought to the Lt. Col. and Cpt. Delgado to debrief before they were released. After a recap of the events, the Lt. Col. suggested some R&R and a visit from the doctor for those who had been injured (several people had been shot during the battle). As he said it, the chief medical officer of Nausica, Ensign Suki Barnes, showed up. She looked exactly like Lenora Boehns.

To be continued…

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