Sergeant Major Maris Forgrave

Leader of the Marines on Battlestar Nausica


Full Name: Maris Shanae Forgrave
Age: 40
Homeworld: Picon
Occupation: Sergeant Major in the Colonial Marines and leader of the Marine forces on Nausica
Allies: The Colonial Marines, the Fleet
Enemies: The Cylons


Maris Forgrave was with a group of Marines stationed in Mylasa whose job was to root out the terrorist threat. She was on route to the location where a high value target was being kept for questioning when the Cylons attacked. She ordered the trucks be filled with civilians and taken to Nausica while she went on ahead to regroup with the others. When she arrived, there was no one there so she rounded up as many people as she could and herded them toward the Battlestar. When the group was cut off by Cylon ground forces, she caused a distraction which allowed most of the group to run away. The remainder was saved by a small squad of soldiers who had come running when they heard the shouts and weapons fire. Maris took command and helped the group find their way safely to Nausica.
She wanted to head back out and rescue more people, but Captain Delgado convinced her to stay as they were preparing to jump off the planet.
She has served as the leader of the Marine forces on Nausica ever since.

Sergeant Major Maris Forgrave

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