Lieutenant Colonel Keane Rance

Commanding Officer of Battlestar Nausica


Full Name: Keane Ulysses Rance
Age: 46
Homeworld: Scorpia
Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel in the Colonial Navy and Commanding Officer of Battlestar Nausica
Allies: The Colonial Navy, the Fleet, Captain Lydia Delgado
Enemies: The Cylons


Lt. Col. Keane Rance joined the colonial military as soon as his mandatory education was finished. His father, Benton, had been a career military man, and for Rance and his four siblings it seemed like an extraordinary life with the potential for adventure, honor, and renown. Rance was the second eldest child, after his brother Marion. After him came a sister, Linette, another brother, Feroy, and the youngest sister, Harmine. His mother, Abigail, was a novelist.
Rance knew that he wanted to be a Commanding Officer of his own ship someday. He worked hard in basic training, taking particular interest in rifles and hand-to-hand combat, and even had his turn as a Viper pilot (albeit briefly). He began his service aboard the heavy battlecruiser Nero as the Communications Officer, where he made an impression as a reliable and knowledgeable worker. From there he went on to be the Communications Officer and Senior Officer of the Watch onboard Battlestar Naxos. He served in this position for many years, and took on a great deal of responsibility before being promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and Officer of the Deck. He was a well-respected officer, but rarely saw any combat due to the generally peaceful nature of the colonies.
He was on shore leave when the Cylons attacked. He was on his way to visit his family on Libran and he had to catch a connection on Leonis. He was on his way to the spaceport when the Cylon forces arrived. Of course, he knew that there was a grounded battlestar nearby, so he made his way there among the masses. He didn’t have the time to find the Commanding Officer and offer his services before the ship jumped.
After the jump Rance made it a priority to find whoever was in charge and thank them. However, when he discovered that a CAG was the senior office aboard the ship, a mere Captain, he knew he had to make a tough call. It was an ironic way to realize his dream of command. He respectfully told Captain Delgado to give command of the ship to him, as he was the most senior officer on board. She respectfully refused, suggesting they wait until things had settled down a bit to deal with such issues. A minor conflict ensued, but eventually the Captain was led to see reason – just because the colonies were gone didn’t mean the chain of command was. Order had to be maintained.
Lt. Col. Rance has proven himself to be a fair leader, though private and perhaps too slow to make some calls. He prefers to think things through more than some among the crew are comfortable with. Captain Delgado, now the XO, provides a balance to this. They work well together, despite their lack of what might be called friendship.

Lieutenant Colonel Keane Rance

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