Lieutenant Colonel Dorsey Voight

Head of the Army on board Battlestar Nausica


Full Name: Dorsey Alexander Voight
Age: 36
Homeworld: Canceron
Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel in the Colonial Army and highest ranking Army officer
Allies: The Colonial Army, the Fleet
Enemies: The Cylons


Dorsey Voight is a career military man who stationed in Mylasa directly following the terrorist attack that destroyed the city’s power sources. He was one of the senior officers of a peacekeeping force sent to keep the streets safe and quiet in the wake of the attack. When the Cylons hit, he went door-to-door in the areas around the base camp collecting terrified families and getting them to the safety of the base. His superior officers told him to shepherd the civilians safely to Nausica while they dealt with the attack.
After the jump, he was the obvious choice to lead to Army personnel on the ship, due to both his rank and his exemplary service during the crisis.

Lieutenant Colonel Dorsey Voight

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