Captain Lydia Delgado

Executive Officer of Battlestar Nausica


Full Name: Lydia Maria Delgado
Age: 32
Homeworld: Virgon
Occupation: Captain in the Colonial Navy and Executive Officer of Battlestar Nausica
Allies: The Colonial Navy, the Fleet, Lieutenant Colonel Keane Rance
Enemies: The Cylons


Captain Delgado never wanted to be in the military until she was already there. Initially, she was just looking for a way to pay for school to become an environmental scientist; besides, her parents said it would be good for her to learn respect and discipline. She enlisted in the navy and immediately discovered a love for piloting.
After finishing her basic and flight training, Delgado was assigned as a Raptor pilot on the Battlestar Ephigenia, a Raven class stealth battlestar assigned to patrol the Armistice Line. She got a lot of flight experience during this posting, and, despite her initial reluctance to fly Vipers due to the increased risk of engaging in real combat, eventually decided to switch to piloting Vipers.
Next she was transferred to Gunstar Charon, where she got on the bad side of the commanding officer who demanded she be transferred to another ship. That was how she wound up on Battlestar Nausica, serving under Commander David Gallagher. Despite the suspicious circumstances surrounding her transfer, it didn’t take Gallagher long to see Delgado’s potential as both a pilot and a leader. He promoted her to CAG, a position she was quite happy with until Nausica was sent to Mylasa after the terrorist attacks. Delgado had just returned from an impromptu shore leave for her father’s funeral, so she was selected to take command of the vessel while the rest of the crew took their leave. It was a simple enough job, simply overseeing engineers and repair and maintenance crews… until the Cylons attacked.
Immediately after the attack, the Battlestar was flooded with survivors seeking safe haven. Delgado couldn’t turn them away and in the absence of any superior officer to instruct her, she was forced to take control of the situation. She waited long enough to evacuate what was left of the city before ordering a jump from the planet’s surface.
Once safely away from any of the colonies, Delgado was able to read the reports that had been sent in from each of the colonies, as well as several Battlestar Units. The Twelve Colonies were gone. Shortly after, she was approached by Lieutenant Colonel Keane Rance, who demanded she hand over control of the Battlestar, as he was the superior officer. She requested he allow time for everyone to settle in before springing even more news on them, but he insisted it was important to maintain proper military order. There was a small conflict, but eventually Delgado agreed that it was best to try to keep a semblance of normalcy amid all the chaos and confusion. She now serves as XO aboard Nausica.

Captain Lydia Delgado

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